5 Ways to Keep Your Kitchen Clean & Sparkling

5 Ways to Keep Your Kitchen Clean & Sparkling

As much as we all love food, and some time love to live the chef mood & show off how good our cooking skills are, as much as we hate the pain of cleaning the kitchen, and the challenges we have to go through to maintain the kitchen, being the place with the highest potential for mess, in an acceptable look till a savior– the cleaners in that case- come and make it glow again.

Here are 5 simple tips to do to avoid a messy kitchen:

Make it simple!

Go for simpler meals, which does not require much preparation & thus no much mess & the need for cleaning.  Sometimes it’s not about how you clean, but how you make a mess. You can also make sure you have plenty of leftovers with each big cooking event, to be able to take advantage of a clean kitchen as long as possible.

Wash the Dish

Come on, the way 20 dishes look & how dirty they are is a misery you don’t want to go through. But if you wash just the dishes after every single meal while washing your hands will save a lot of effort.

Set Standards

You need to commit to a basic level of kitchen clean, depending on your personality. This could start with a quick wiping down of the counters to sweeping the floor at the end of every day. Well, we all deserve waking up each morning to a clean kitchen after all!


Because we are not super heroes, it’s not possible to think you can clean it all on a single day (unless you want to spend your weekend doing it!), at Busy Bees we can do it because we’re a professional team on a mission, but you wouldn’t go above & beyond as we would. Break down the tasks to make simple, here’s an example:

Friday:  Check the storage, tidy your pantry

Saturday: Plan your grocery & go buy it

Sunday: A quick dusting of the appliances

Monday: The cabinet’s day

Tuesday: Wipe drawers down

Wednesday: Clean the fridge

Thursday: Mop the floors

Hire the Right Cleaners

Whether or not you use our cleaning services, we hope you find these tips useful in keeping your kitchen clean and bright, so you can keep cooking up delicious meals for your family, in a healthy, clean & disinfected environment. Should you wish to check how our services are different than others, check our services tab.

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