Some Of Our Corporate Clients

Our Commercial Cleaning Services

1) Commercial Cleaning

BusyBees’ Commercial Cleaning started in 2014. BusyBees Clientele vary between embassies, compounds, schools, hotels, offices, and buildings.

We provide the following generic services for Offices;

  • Light Cleaning – After office hours
  • Bi-Monthly deep cleaning + Steaming & Sanitizing  (as per client’s request)
  • During office hours cleaning
  • Managing & maintaining office, toilets, & buffet cleaning/stock needs – Pantry Supplies
  • Maintenance/Handyman service – All day & year round
  • Public Areas Cleaning
  • Others depending on facility

2) Technical Cleaning Services

BusyBees started 3 years ago to work with renewable energy contractors on testing cleaning several of their projects. In 2018, we were awarded our first solar panel cleaning project by GEF (A Finnish MEP contractor) Powering TEPCO (Technical Projects Co.) in its Factory at 6th Of October City – Industrial District. We have worked hand-in-hand with GEF & KARCHER to clean using the most suitable machinery and detergent, as well as train our team in order to avoid any technical problems and help the project owner make the most out of his investment (best photo-voltaic efficiency ) ….read our case study here and check our image gallery.  

Today, with this additional success story, we are ready to go public with part of our company – Due in 2019

Our Technical Services are not only dedicated to solar energy  but today we are also preparing to be able to clean highly sensitive/sealed server and Data Center facilities.

3) Short Stay Holidays Apartments - SSHA Services

For Sahel & Sokhna property owners and SSHA (Short Stay Holiday Apartments’) owners, we have the full range of services for all possible needs.

We provide for SSHA;

  • Housekeeping
  • Guest on-demand-cleaning
  • Monthly steam/deep cleaning,
  • Maintenance
  • Key Management
  • Coordination & Storage of linen & towel, toiletries, supplies
  • Among others key services for commercial properties.
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