What to Clean & Disinfect When Illness Strikes You?

What to Clean & Disinfect When Illness Strikes You?

The weather is not stable as summer starts to hit, so getting sick is probably inevitable. The probability of your family catching the cold is fairly high, and the cycle keeps running in the house, so how do you prevent the virus hitting everyone in the house? Here’s your guide to a routine you should follow whenever someone is sick in your house, the list goes from the areas most like to spread the virus to the least, but you should do all of them after all!

  1. Hand Towels

Keep changing all the towels available in the house until everyone feels better.

  1. Bathrooms

Wipe down the sink handles & toilets & disinfect using a potent yet safe detergent.

  1. Shared Tools

Sanitize & disinfect the plates, fridge handle, door handles.

  1. Electronic Devices

This includes remote controls, phones, DVDs, tablets & yes they harbor the virus!

  1. Bedding

Wash the pillow cases, the pillows themselves, the mattresses, blankets & disinfect these very well as they’re less aerated.

  1. Toys

Because these are usually placed by the little ones in the wrong place, being prone to all the viruses.

  1. Toothbrushes

Believe it or not, this one is full of colonies & need frequent disinfection, whether ill or not!

If you’re not sure how to disinfect & sanitize the house, make sure you visit our website & check the different services for a cleaner & greener life.

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