Success Partners

BusyBees business partners are not just the best, each his respective field, but share the key ethical and business values that our company champions. The quality of our partners directly affects the overall quality and “experience” of our services that clients experience. BusyBees takes partnership very seriously, the below are some of the partners we have in Egypt and Middle East:


Since 2014, BusyBees Egypt has chosen the giant German cleaning equipment manufacturer “Karcher” to be its main supplier of commercial and residential cleaning equipment. Two years after, BusyBees Egypt became one of Karcher’s main distributors in Egypt. The cleaning partners have successfully collaborated on many mega cleaning projects inside and outside of Egypt.

Karcher Egypt

Diversey is one of world’s best manufacturers and suppliers of cleaning, infection prevention and hygiene products. BusyBees Egypt has collaborated with Diversey on numerous cleaning and disinfection projects around the country, delivering outstanding results all while preserving clients’ assets and ensuring their full satisfaction.

In 2014 we wanted to avail for our customers one of Egypt’s most innovative payment methods all while expanding into new segments. Back in 2015, and through our partnership with Paymob, we could accept all kinds  payments using online payment gateway that is easily integrated on all online platforms.

BusyBees is the first cleaning company to avail SYMPL. services to its clients …SYMPL. is the 1st platform of its kind in Egypt,  giving our customers the opportunity to better manage their expenses and save money by paying in 3, 4 or 5 payments on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis without any interest or hidden fees.

ValU is one of Egypt top tier Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) solutions providers. BusyBees Egypt was the first cleaning company to offer its services on ValU platform and has ever since become one of ValU’s main partners facilitating clients’ adoption of easy payment and better lifestyles.

Since 2016, and in order to service better its niche clientele, BusyBees Egypt decided to adopt industry’s most advanced Operations Software.  Jobber is a cloud based software allowing cleaning and maintenance companies to apply the latest Geo-tagging, scheduling, CRM, payment solution, and invoicing technologies among many other benefits to better manage their relations with clients, employees, and suppliers.

Our “Clients Hub” is accessible at all times, allowing our clients to fully access their personal accounts, scheduled services, among others benefits.

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