Technical Cleaning Services

BusyBees’ Technical Cleaning started in 2016, with 3 projects in Egypt and UAE. From solar panels to server rooms, the more challenging the cleaning task is, the more dedicated and eager our team works to find a suitable solution for it.

We provide the following technical cleaning services;

  • IT & Mission Critical Establishments
  • Special Disinfection & Sanitization (COVID or the like)
  • Healthcare Centers, Laboratories, Hospitals, & Clinics (Disposal of Special Hazardous Waste)
  • Renewable Energy Projects (Cleaning and Maintenance)
  • Specially Finished Wall & Floor Cleaning
  • Museums & Historic Establishments
  • Removal of Rust, Oil, and other types of Stains on different Surfaces
  • Others depending on Facility/Project

Case Study 1:
Technical Cleaning Services - Disinfection & Sanitization (COVID19)

BusyBees started 7 years ago to work on dedicated technical cleaning services for renewable energy, health establishments, critical IT facilities, among others.

 In April 2020, BusyBees Dubai was nominated by Dubai Municipality as one of few companies ready and able to confront COVID19 outbreak in the frontlines. Few months later, we imported the best Method Statements for COVID19 Pandemic Control to Egypt, then equipped and trained our staff to professionally and efficiently control it for all our clients.

 Today, in 2023, we still provide the high-quality disinfection and sanitization services for many of our clients, who

chose the service as an additional precautionary measure, to ensure their facilities, offices, and homes are safe and hygienically up to the highest existing standards in the industry.

BusyBees Technical Cleaning Services answer for a large spectrum of services that need special professional skills and know-how.

Case Study 2:
Technical Cleaning Services - Critical Facilities and Establishments - Solar Farm

BusyBees started 5 years ago to work with renewable/solar energy contractors on testing cleaning several of their projects. In 2018, we were awarded our first solar panel cleaning project by GEF (A Finnish MEP contractor) Powering TEPCO (Technical Projects Co.) in its Factory at 6th Of October City – Industrial District. We have worked hand-in-hand with GEF & KARCHER to clean using the most suitable machinery and detergent, as well as train our team in order to avoid any technical problems and help the project owner make the most out of his investment (best photo-voltaic efficiency ) ….read our case study here and check our image gallery.  

Our Technical Services are not only dedicated to solar energy, today we are also preparing to face new challenges in an everchanging technical demanding and sensitive environment.

Corporate Clients

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