About Us

Who We Are?

Established in 2008 in Dubai, BusyBees is a privately owned family business that is committed to delivering outstanding cleaning services of the highest quality.

BusyBees is one of the leading residential & commercial cleaning multinational companies, present in Dubai since 2008, And Egypt Since 2013.

BusyBees specializes in high quality cleaning using special environmental friendly products, and present a wide range of services for all possible residential & commercial needs.

The founders have always had a passion for cleanliness & hygiene, they have devoted their career since 2008 and got committed to their new baby “BusyBees” which witnessed a great success.

Our Background

Mrs. Rania El Didi & Mr. Sherif Fouad, the founders of BusyBees Group, have both worked for world renowned multinationals ever since their graduation, and are highly certified and trained.
Mrs. El Didi holds an MBA & PMP certificate.
Mr. Fouad is a savvy banker and has Canadian certificates in Specialized Technical Cleaning of Solar Cells and Pest and Rodent Control, among others in and around the field.

Our Mission

We believe there are no degrees of clean, either clean or not. We take cleaning to the next level, providing a healthy environment for your family. Keeping our clients happy & satisfied by supplying quality service always makes us reliable, retaining our loyal customers who appreciate the service quality that we offer.